About Our Labels

Vanity Wine Labels

Vanity wine labels are a fun way to make our wine look like something taken off the shelf of a local wine shop.  We make these labels in gest, as our wines are not for sale, and the Chateau Ridge Springs vanity wine website does not drive traffic to other sites (we get no click-through profits, and this website is not monetized in any way).

Images used for our labels are public domain, photographs taken by the site owner, images from stock-image websites, images supplied by wine companies, distributors, or wine kit manufacturers, images used with permission from the copyright holder, and in rare circumstances images found on the web that appear to be in the public domain (no copyright is cited).  If you are the copyright holder of any image we’ve used, and you wish for us to remove the image from our site, please click the following to make an
Image Removal Request.  We’ll be happy to remove the image immediately.  However, if you will allow us to use the image, we will be happy to give proper copyright notice.

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