U.S. Elite

Based in California, USElite Winery Supplies is a premium wine kit and concentrate manufacturer dedicated to providing both Commercial Wineries and Hobby Retailers with 100% pure varietal grape juice concentrates suited for commercial winemaking compliance, as well as specialty winemaking juices and concentrates.


Vineco’s objective is the creation of enjoyable wines, suited to the individual tastes of each of our customers. Vineco offers more than 100 different wine kits to satisfy the preferences and tastes of every wine drinker.  Vineco makes KenRidge, Passport, Cellar Craft, Ultimate Estate, and Legacy wine kits.


Winexpert’s commitment to excellence, and dedication to delivering the highest quality products in the winemaking market, has made them the world’s foremost supplier of premium wine kits. Their careful sourcing of supply, combined with state-of-the-art processing facilities and stringent quality control procedures continue to set the industry standard.

R. J. Spagnols

RJS has been helping amateur winemakers perfect the art of craft winemaking for over 50 years. RJS starts by visiting the world’s leading wine regions, where they select the very best grapes for their juice and concentrates. Their Research and Development team craft distinctive wine kits with the perfect blend of varietals. The result is superior tasting wines you will savour and be proud to share with your family and friends.

Today RJS produces over 200 types of wine kits in a world-class manufacturing facility using the finest grape juice and concentrates the world has to offer.