Chateau Ridge Springs Wines

Each year, Chateau Ridge Springs produces several wine kits.  We enjoy our wine, share it, and use it in wine making training classes that we hold in Chapel Hill.  So, for fun, we name our wines and label them with creative graphics that describe some apsect of the wine.  We like to say, “if the wine isn’t any good, at least the label will make you grin or laugh!”

We also want to encourage folks to make their own wine at home.  With today’s kits – and there are literally hundreds of them – the home winemaker can spend a lifetime making kit wine and never make all of them.  It feels really great when you taste one of your wines, and think, “I made this!”

So, take a tour of our wine catalog.  Use the navigation drop-down, above, or the buttons below, to select a production year.

Oh, and one last thing (and, it’s important).  None of our wines are for sale or can be sold.