2021 Wine

With the continuing success of Surfer Girl, our California Chardonnay, we searched for another beachy place where Chardonnay was grown.  It didn’t take long.  As one of the top producers of Chardonnay, Australia also has, well, beaches!  So, we came up with this — The Australian Surfer Girl.  Creative, huh? 

The Australian Surfer Girl is barely kissed with French Oak, used during the primary fermentation process.  You might sense a slight bit of oak on the nose and vanilla on the finish.

For our label, we wanted to continue our line of Surfer Girl Chardonnays, so we chose another from the Spellbound by the Sea (© 2016 by Claire Britcliffe) collection, of a surfer girl carrying her board.

So, grab an Australian Surfer Girl, snag your board, and dream about shooting the curl!